Peter Ivanov

Keynote speaker

Peter Ivanov

Keynote speaker
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PETER IVANOV, “Virtual Power Teams”

Peter Ivanov is Manager, Entrepreneur and Virtual teams Expert with over 20 years of international experience.

His book “Virtual Power Teams” is translated in 6 languages and is Amazon Top 3 in the category – international management.

Born in Bulgaria he graduated Mathematics and joined a multinational company as Data Analyst. He quickly became IT Manager for Bulgaria and gradually worked his way up to IT Services Manager for Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Peter recognized the growing importance of the teams in multiple locations and developed an innovative method for leading Virtual teams.

As an expert in New Leadership Peter supports managers to retain the gravity of their Team despite the geographical distance, age and cultural differences, and deliver Top business performance!

Virtual Power Teams

12 Lis 2020
Sesja online w ZOOM w języku angielskim